Nurturing confidence and wellbeing in new mums

Who we are, what we do

A 10-week therapeutic group for new mums and their babies

Becoming a mum for the first time brings big changes to life and has lots of challenges! That is why Mummyshock aims to provide a supportive space for women to talk, as they begin their journey as new mums, in a secure and friendly environment.

Our goal is to support new mums to grow in confidence and resilience, as they care for their baby-enabling everyone to get the best start.

Mummyshock was co-founded and written by Ellen Baldwin ( Release Counselling and Therapy , Brighton) and Rebecca Mitchell (Take Action Counselling, London), both qualified Counsellors, and launched in Brighton in 2015. To date, over 200 new mums and their babies have attended Mummyshock groups in Brighton & Hove.

Ellen Baldwin explains,

"Following my own personal experience of becoming a first-time mum, over 10 years ago, I realised there were lots of parent & baby groups to go to, but very few spaces where I could be really honest about all the changes and feelings I was experiencing. Fortunately, I was seeing a Counsellor at the time, and she would allow me to bring my little newborn to each session (until my newborn became a crawler, and it became too disruptive!)"

"Having emotional support and a safe space to process all of my feelings was so hugely supportive and holding in the early days of becoming a mum, that a few years later, I decided I wanted to offer the same space for other new mums. I teamed up with my colleague Rebecca Mitchell who had a similar vision, and Mummyshock was born!"



What our group has to offer 

The weekly group is topic based and information giving, but with plenty of time for discussion and sharing experiences.

The group explores how the challenges and changes new mums are facing can feel huge, but are normal.  We talk about birth stories, changes in identity, relationships, bonding & attachment, expectations, mental health, support networks and more- helping new mums feel they are not alone.

There is space for up to 8 women and their pre-crawling infants in each group.

Thanks to external charitable funding, the group is free to attend but donations are welcomed.

Group dates and times

Zoom Group- Fri 2 Oct- 11 Dec 2020, 10-11.30am

Face-to-face Group - Mon 9 Nov 2020- 18 Jan 2021, 10–11.30am, Hollingdean, Brighton (NOW FULL)

More groups planned from January 2021

Please complete the on-line application form in the tab above to secure your place. We offer spaces on a first come- first served basis.



 “ Simply having space to share my experience and recognise that others feel something similar has built my confidence and peace as a new mum.”

Naomi — Group member

“ The best thing a new mum could do! It was my saviour. Mummyshock is brilliant!”

Annie — Group member

“  I wholeheartedly recommend this group! It was open, honest, supportive, safe, real, confidential and with great moments of connection and humour too! It supported me so much! I met an amazing group of new mums and we’ve all stayed in touch. ”

Ali — Group member



For enquiries about Mummyshock contact: 

Ellen Baldwin

07954 216995

[email protected]






Keep up to date with all the latest details, news, classes and events.

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